Improving My Writing and Speaking Skills

Oh, hi! How is it going? It's been a while since the last time I posted something on my blog. If I remember it correctly, I reckon it was more than 4 years ago. Wow! I will start my blog only on this website from now on as I think would be more like my portfolio/showcase website.

So yeah, a lot of things have been happening lately. I am still in Australia, waiting for my subclass 408 Covid-19 Pandemic event visa to be granted. Things don't well as I don't have plenty of work hours at the moment. The good thing is aI have a lot of free time at the moment. Yay! I waste spend most of my time playing Lost Ark in NA Mari Server lately. Feel free to add me Findingchemo if you play that game on the same server as well.

Anyway, mywife and I have decided that I will continue my study next year. After considering a lot of options, Perth would be my next destination. Perth is no stranger to me as I have been living there for almost 6 months in 2019. I will take Data Science or Artificial Intelligence Major at Curtin University (finger crossed 🤞).

Continuing my study makes me a bit nervous. It is about a decade since I finished my previous bachelor's degree education at the not-so-famous STMIK Dharma Putra in 2012. Would I be able to catch up with the technologies? Would there be a language barrier? Aaarrggh!

My English is okay, I guess. My IELTS score was like 7.0 when I took the test in 2018. The sad thing was I only got 5.5 on the writing band and 6.5 on the speaking band. That was quite wrenching as there shouldn't be any band below 6.0 if you want to enrol in a Master's Degree in Australia. 😒

After contemplating, I have decided to actively write again; and hopefully, it's going to be for good. I will start writing on the things that I like, so maybe start with tech, a little bit of game, cooking or photography in the future. Who knows?

As for speaking, I re-launched my Youtube channel at the end of 2021. It still needs a lot of work, especially speaking as someone who stutters like me. I would need a lot of editing work after cutting lots and lots of unusable footage of videos. But recording and editing are so much fun. If you haven't subscribed yet, make sure you subscribe!

Make stuff you love and talk about stuff you love and you’ll attract people who love that kind of stuff. It’s that simple. - Austin Keylon

This first post is far from perfect, but I promise that I will keep writing and posting here. And I hope that I can attract people with the same interest as me and can also support me. Cheers!